Bitcoin News #58 – An interview With Andrew DeSantis

Bitcoin news for the week of Nov 13th with your host @theonevortex and our special guest Andrew DeSantis! (@desantis) Topics: -Segwit2x fork -Square's Cash App -Tether situation -First Lightning Atomic Swap -New Confidential Transaction paper -Simplicity Programming Language Links:

Sending to Bech32, Esplora, Spy Node Banlist, Mailing List ~ Bitcoin OpTech #38

This week’s newsletter gives an update on the planned removal of BIP61 reject messages from Bitcoin Core, links to further discussion about SIGHASH_NOINPUT_UNSAFE, analyzes some new features in the Esplora block chain explorer, provides information about an updated node ban list, and links to videos of talks at the recent

The Bitcoin Group #195 – Karpeles Guilty – CBOE Delisted – Crypto Movie – Bulls Rising?

Donate Bitcoin: 3NqhJSAikoFiYmZm3ACGzdw9Lr86ZiLT7K Join our New Patreon: Subscribe to the WCN Audio Podcast on Itunes: Featuring… Dan Eve () and Thomas Hunt () THIS WEEK: Former Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles Gets Suspended Jail Sentence - Bloomberg Cboe Exchange Puts Breaks on Bitcoin Futures Listing - CoinDesk Crypto, a new movie about bitcoin drama, doesn't get bitcoin. Another

SIGHASH_NOINPUT Summary ~ bitcoin-dev Mailinglist

For future segwit versions, I think it would be good add a few things to the sighash by default that were overlooked in BIP143: * Committing to the absolute transaction fee (in addition to just the amount being spent in each input) would categorically remove concerns about wallets lying about fees to HW devices

The Bitcoin Group #194 – FacebookCoin – Is Ethereum Better? – 73% of the UK – Philly Bans Cashless

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Graftroot ~ bitcoin-dev Mailinglist

In GMax's post on taproot he showed a simple commitment scheme for scripts that is very efficient that there exists some collection of pubkeys (like an M-of-N or even N-of-N) whos authorization is an acceptable alternative to whatever other conditions we might want to impose on a coin. If

Busta Pay Coin Join ~ bitcoin-dev Mailinglist

The way bitcoin transactions are overwhelming used is known to leak more information than desirable. This has lead to fungibility concerns in bitcoin and a raise of unreasonably effective blockchain analysis. Bustapay proposes a simple, practical way to bust these assumptions to immediate benefit of the sender and recievers. Furthermore it

Taproot ~ bitcoin-dev Mailinglist

Here the Taproot proposal by the one and only Gregory Maxwell! "As Mark Friedenbach and others have pointed out before it is almost always the case that interesting scripts have a logical top level branch which allows satisfaction of the contract with nothing other than a signature by all parties.

SegWit v1 Proposal ~ bitcoin-dev Mailinglist

"Without a concrete taproot proposal it's hard to make assertions". I'm not going to offer a completely concrete proposal, but fwiw, here's my thoughts on what should be included in the segwit v1 proposal, which I think might be concrete enough for discussion purposes: If you have learned something valuable, donate

The Best Bitcoin Only Conferences in Meetspace

For a project to be listed on bitcoin-only it must simply meet the following two requirements: 1. Support bitcoin. 2. Reject ever supporting altcoins. Welcome! Here you will find projects and resources which support bitcoin. The site is quite new and we are regularly adding exciting new content so be sure to check