Making Bitcoin More Liquid, Litecoin Is “Significantly Overvalued” And XRP “Use Case Education”

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When to Buy in New Era of Cryptocurrency Regulation

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have tanked this past month and a half, peaking at $20k and crumbling down to $8k at a rapid pace. This has been for a variety of reasons, spanning from January blues to stricter regulations to concerns over Tether. Have we reached the dawn of the

Can Bitcoin Go to Zero?

Bitcoin has plenty of opinions on where it's going, whether it be to the moon or to zero. There's an article () that caught my eye on Cointelegraph that talked about why Bitcoin couldn't go to zero. In this video, we discuss the idea of Bitcoin's intrinsic value and some

Why Bitcoin’s Price Continues to Fall

Bitcoin has had a rough past couple of months and we've come full cycle now - Last November I made a video around $6k where Bitcoin wouldn't stop rising and now here we are in June with Bitcoin near $6k and it won't stop falling. Why does this happen? In

Cryptocurrencies Boom! The Next Bull Run & Cycle Discussion

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a whole have had an excellent past two weeks. Altcoins have performed spectacularly, taking a significant chunk of Bitcoin's dominance. A lot of this comes from smaller altcoins, but plenty of major altcoins are hitting it big too (e.g: EOS). Steemit Post: The general sentiment in the

How To Destroy Bitcoin According to MIT Tech Review

MIT Technology Review posted an article titled "Let's Destroy Bitcoin" () that discusses three different ways in which Bitcoin could be subverted to the point of obscurity. I was surprised more people didn't talk about this article, so I wanted to make a video about it and whether or not

Is Bitcoin Hitting $10,000 Today?

Is Bitcoin Hitting $10,000 Today? - The market went up in a big way, we are around $470 Billion now. Bitcoin is closing in at $10,000 and Ethereum is closing in around $850. Let's see what this means. To learn more about the P2P Cryptocurrency

17,000,000 Bitcoin, Litecoin Is Digital Silver And What Caused The Price Drop?

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Why I Think We’ve Reached a Bitcoin Bottom

Bitcoin has had a crazy past week relative to the slow and steady downtrend we've been in. Volume finally started to pick up and notably price pumped $1k in 30 mins before we saw the market start to stall again. Steemit Post: Last week I started to become tempted to buy

When Will Crypto Mass Adoption Occur?

Mass adoption of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a popular discussion in the crypto space. The general theme is that public, decentralized blockchains will replacy many "legacy" technologies. This will result in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies soaring. In this video, we discuss the idea of why decentralization

Why Bitcoin is Different & Cartel Manipulation Discussion

This is a new series which is super informal - don't have high expectations for this and simply skip over it if you prefer my more focused videos. In this episode, we briefly discuss the market and then go into a few articles. Steemit Post: Time-stamps for easier viewing: 0:00 - Introduction

What to Do as Bitcoin Falls and Returns to Crypto Throne

Bitcoin has fallen substantially as the current market tone becomes more and more bearish. Interest in cryptocurrencies is lower than it has been in months and altcoins are getting slaughtered as Bitcoin dominance rises due to a perceived flight to safety. What can one do in such a market? Steemit Post:

Lightning Strikes! Why Bitcoin is STILL a Bubble

Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space as a whole has had a rough March. Bitcoin has fallen from above $11k to around $8k while altcoins have bled even worse as Bitcoin dominance rises. Steemit Post: As always, we're all looking for reasons why the market has fallen but I wanted to issue

Bitcoin Dives! The Issues of a Low Liquidity Market

Bitcoin has fallen quite substantially in the past 48 hours from $11,600 to roughly $9,750 at the time of writing this. It appears this has a lot to do with hitting resistance at roughly the $11,500 level, a level that Bitcoin has tested multiple times in January, February and now

SCARY Trend in Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have seen a drastic decline in exchange traded volume, transaction volume and overall interest in both traditional and social media. In this video, we discuss the decline in Bitcoin exchange volume, Bitcoin transaction volume and the increase in NVT ratio. Steemit Post: We also explore how media

How to Trade the Bitcoin Cycle for Profit

Bitcoin dominance has finally eclipsed 40%, a milestone it hasn't achieved since the beginning of the year as altcoins had killer returns in December and the very beginning of January. Bitcoin has been testing that 40% level for the past week or so now and finally broke above it and

Bitcoin Tanks to $10,000 – Buy the Dip!

Bitcoin has been crashing the past 12 hours and reached close to $10,000 earlier at the time of writing this. As Bitcoin's price falls, the opportunity to buy becomes more and more attractive - Take it if you've been waiting! My limit order that I was talking about last

The MASSIVE Tether Ticking Time BOMB

Tether is a cryptocurrency designed to be pegged to the USD in a 1-to-1 ratio. Doubts about whether or not this is true have been floating around for months now, but Tether mostly left the news cycle since the $30m hack back in November. However, it's back in full force

Why Bitcoin is a SUPERIOR Investment Over Altcoins Now

Bitcoin and altcoins are in a constant flux in the cryptocurrency space. In some cycles, altcoins drastically outperform Bitcoin and in other cycles, Bitcoin drastically outperforms altcoins. In this video, we discuss why I suspect a Bitcoin cycle is coming and hence Bitcoin's relative superiority over altcoins. For a full script,


The last time Andy Hoffman (@Andy_Hoffman_CG) and Adam Meister (@techbalt) chatted was at THE low on February 6th...via the "All-Out Bitcoin Optimism Fest" we held on "Bitcoin Bullishness Day!" Just 12 days later, with the price more than $4,000 higher, they update just how massively bullish Bitcoin's short- and

Bitcoin Booms Above $10k as Next Wave Starts

Bitcoin is finally beginning to test $10,000 again, a level we haven’t seen since the end of January. Since this past crash was quite substantial and lasted longer than previous recent crashes, people are actually excited again when Bitcoin reaches each $1k milestone, leading to more reporting by media and

JP Morgan Openly Praises Bitcoin, The Litecoin Cash Fork And Buying A Porsche On The Blockchain

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Is the Bitcoin and Stock Market Crash Related?

Bitcoin, the S&P 500 (stocks), treasuries (bonds), and gold all have had a bad week. Is it all related? Is it positive or negative for cryptocurrencies? In this video we recap the recent events in these different markets as well my thoughts on those events. Personally, I don't view the downtrend